Exporting to Europe?

Euro Pallets are built to a specific specification and are used throughout mainland Europe.  Typical dimensions are 1200 x 800 mm, however other sizes are available.

You can be sure you are getting official Euro Pallets because our pallets are stamped with the EPAL logo. This ensures the pallets are quality and the appropriate size.davies-pallets-21

Because Euro Pallets were initial designed for rail freight these pallets are ideal for you if you are transporting your goods via train.

Ensure your Euro Pallets are authentic

We can provide official euro pallets built to the correct specification

Our Euro Pallets are stamped with the EPAL logo for your peace of mind

We stock a range of Euro Pallets from lightweight to heavyweight, to ensure you have the right pallet for your transportation needs

Euro Pallets can be used throughout Europe without the need to be heat treated. Saving you time and money

We are based in Liverpool, Merseyside and our Euro Pallets are travelling across Europe and beyond. Call us today on 0151 548 6558 for a free quotation.